"I was very inspired by the silhouette of the Schiaparelli gown and wanted to create a makeup look that felt  strong and defined – like the structure of the black dress – but also emphasizing on the elegant, delicate  touches. Carey’s makeup look was about striking the right balance between boldness and softness to create  a look that feels timelessly elegant."

- Nina Park


Nina used The Blush Matte in 006M Naked Veil to gently sculpt the cheekbones and jawline. Then, to build a layered, dimensional effect, she first applied The Blush Matte in 008M Timeless Petal on the high points of the cheeks, followed by The Blush Matte in 009M Rose Wish on the apples of the cheeks.


For the eyes, the play of textures was key – Nina used a combination of matte and cream to create maximum dimension. She sculpted around the eyes using The Eyeshadow in 007C Sandy Topaz, then deepened the look with The Eyeshadow in 002M Thousand Feathers. Then, to bring a touch of softness, she blended The Eyeshadow in 013M Sakura Petal into the crease.

To define the eyes, Nina used The Color Liquid Eyeliner in 001 Black River for tight lining the upper lash line, then finished with two coats of The Mascara Intense Lashes 001 Black River.


Finally, Nina chose The Lipstick Extreme Shine in 004 Share Silence for the lips and applied it with her finger, gently patting it in for a flush of color.