Cheek Polish


Cheek Polish

The Cheek Polish is limited edition and will not be restocked.

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A new, limited edition Cheek Polish that creates a beautiful three-dimensional highlighting effect inspired by the glow of a seashell. A long-lasting, blendable formula for a smooth finish that melts into the skin revealing a natural, glowing complexion.

Pearl white can be layered like a top coat to create a three-dimensional effect with a soft shine like the light emitted from the water surface. Pink and Coral capture the emotional scenery encountered on the beach with a healthy glow.

1. Shake lightly with the cap closed.
2. Wipe excess product into the top of the bottle.
3. Apply directly to several areas on the cheeks and gently tap with your fingers to blend.

Please note: The contents may splatter, so please slowly put the tip in and out vertically, and be careful not to get it on your clothes.

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