Blush Brush 10


Blush Brush 10

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A dense, angled blush brush with exquisitely soft synthetic hairs. This brush is ideal for achieving a natural flush, with enough precision for accentuating cheekbones or adding highlights.

Swirl directly in your chosen product, tap off excess, and apply to skin.
After each use, lightly pat on a tissue to remove excess powder
Wash monthly in lukewarm water with gentle soap with the bristles pointing down to prevent water from running into the brush. Squeeze excess water out of bristles and allow to dry thoroughly on a towel in the shade.

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  • This brush hugs the contours of your face so you can place your blush exactly where you want it.
  • Gently shade your bone structure with a Matte Blush to create dimension.
  • Sweep a Blush Nuancer on the high points of the face to accentuate and catch the light.